A conversation between you and me

I am delighted to be here.
I am delighted to share a few words with you.

I am overjoyed to be in your presence and
my heart is pouring with love for you.
For you, never ever will that love fade away.

I wish you to feel,
I wish you to use that love whenever you need it.

Lean whenever you need it, ask for it whenever you need it and
I wish you to trust that you already received it.
You already received it.

I wish you to get used to the idea,
I wish you to once really experience the feeling of that love
so you can remember and
exercise on your path
to understand,
not only with your mind,
but understand in every fiber of your being
what love really is,
what love really feels like.

I wish you to experience that.
And when you do, enjoy it.
And when you do,
bath in it.

When you do,
drink it,
think it,
feel it and
speak it.
Touch with it.

Touch yourself with that feeling of love
when you think.
Touch yourself with your own attention
filled with love.

Touch yourself while you’re in the moment and
live the love you are in the core of your being.

It’s all around you.
It’s within you.

You are that love.
And you know it.
Deep down inside, whatever else happens in your life,
you know deep down.
That knowledge never moved.
That knowledge never changed.

we will always,
always surround you.
We will take every step of your life alongside you.
Every step of your way
beside you.

Not in your footsteps.
Not in front of you because we will not lead.
Not behind you because we will not follow,
but right beside you,
so that you can laugh and love,
so that you can lean,
so that you can make a joke if you like,
so that you can encourage yourself,
so that you can start all over again,
so that you can rest when you like,
so that you can share.

We will and we are allways around you,
because we are a part of you and
you are a part of us.
And we are alongside you
because you have to go your own way.
And you are able to go your own way.
God gave you all the tools.
And we know that it is easy for us
to share these words with you
because in the material world,
in the physical world
you still have the boundaries of that world.
You have the challenges,
the limitations of that world.

Listen … you chose that world.
You chose that life on earth
when you were in the position to choose and
you chose yourself.

The reason why we tell you this,
that you chose,
is not to blame you,
but we like you to know and understand that in that choosing
you were very,
very powerful.

You were limitless powerful
and we wish you to remember that power in this present earthly life.
Somewhere within you, that knowing, that point
– it is no bigger than one point within you –
somewhere in your body,
that unlimited power still is.

And we wish you to find and use that point of power in your being.

So when you walk your steps in this life
we wish you to feel that point of power,
so that you gain your strength if you need it
from that point
to make the next step you’re supposed, or the next step you are willing to make
or the next step you choose to make.

That point of power is and will be with you,
in you,
available to you at every moment in your lifetime.
It’s something that only you will know.
It’s the force only you will feel for you.

Each one of you on her or his own.

It’s your little secret,
but that secret is limitless.
That secret is limitless.

Walk with that secret,
talk with that secret,
consult that secret.

Consult that secret and notice
you don’t have to go far to consult,
to talk to,
to ask,
because that point of power is within you.

My lovely, lovely, lovely you.
My lovely, lovely, lovely you,
I am overjoyed to be in your presence.

I thank you for who you are.
I wish you to cherish yourself as you are
and share it with the world.
Share it with the world.

Shine from out your eyes,
from out your ears,
from out your mouth,
from out your hands,
from out every part of your body,
from out your feet,
from out your hart,
especially from out of your hart
enjoy the results.

Just be you,
just be available for that power and
respect your neighbour as you will respect yourself.

Never ever, ever, ever cross their boundaries.
Never ever, ever, ever cross their boundaries,
because you all have the right and
the space and
the lifeline to the central Source of the Universe.
You all have the right to walk life the way you choose.

You all have a lot of space in the heart of God.
You’ll be surprised how much space.

So, take care of yourself.
Take care of who you could be.
Take care of the light and shining star you are.
Take care of the bright diamant you are
and do not hesitate to ask for help of your friends and family.
Do not be ashamed of asking.
Do not hesitate to ask us for help.
Do not.
Do not fall for that trap.

Take care of who you are………..God’s Light on Earth.

I like you to take loving care of yourself
and leave the world to God.
That does not mean being ignorant towards others.
Do not be ignorant,
you’re all pelgrims on your way home.
Sometimes it’s supporting a fellow man with hard labor.
Sometimes your advice, your wisdom.
Sometimes just a smile is needed.

And in the meantime,
leave the world to God.
God is taking care of us all.

You do,
if you wish
your part and
your part begins with yourself.

With yourself.

I love you.

I thank you.

I will always be in your presence.

We always are in your presence and we will walk by your side.

For now my loved one,

I say goodnight to you and

I thank you,
I thank you,
I thank you.

I love you.
I love.
I love you.

We love you.